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Preventative Care and Routine Wellness Services

  • Preventative services are the foundation of every horse’s health and wellness.
  • Vaccinations: There are a lot of scary diseases out there that can be transmitted through mosquitos, rabid animals, fomites (tangible objects such as buckets, shoes, etc.), direct contact, and aerosol. We recommend vaccinating horses around here for Eastern and Western equine encephalitis virus, West Nile virus, and tetanus in the spring; influenza and rhinopneumonitis in the spring and fall; and rabies in the fall. Horses with high exposure (showing, traveling, in a training barn) should also be vaccinated for strangles. Other vaccinations are risk based; all of our veterinarians will be happy to answer any vaccination questions you have for your horses.
  • Fecal analysis: Knowing your horse’s parasite load is important to developing an appropriate deworming schedule for your horse. This helps keep the dewormers we use effective by limiting the development of resistant parasites.
  • Physical exam: We perform physical exams when we vaccinate every spring and fall to stay current on your horse’s health. This helps us spot diseases, changes in weight and muscle conditions, and other health issues early so we can develop a plan to deal with them.

Dental Services:

  • Horse’s teeth are different than humans’. Because horses are grazing animals, their permanent teeth are very long, and they continuously erupt and are worn by grinding forages. Because of this, horse’s teeth are prone to developing sharp points that can cut their gums and tongue and create mouth ulcers. Abnormal wear in a horse’s mouth from a broken or missing tooth or an older tooth will also affect your horse’s ability to chew.
  • We recommend an annual dental float and exam for most of our patients; however,
    some horses need dental care as often as every six months. We perform a quick dental check during spring and fall exams so we can alter your horse’s dental care as needed.
  • Signs that your horse may need dental care are difficulty chewing (dropping grain or quidding hay), weight loss, and being uncomfortable with the bit.

Orthopedic Services:

  • We offer full lameness evaluations and exams to find the source of your horse’s lameness and to help him return to top performance level.
  • We also care for your older arthritic horses to ensure they remain comfortable during their senior years.
  • Our diagnostic capabilities include a digital x-ray unit so we can see high-quality images right away and determine the best course of therapy for your horse.
  • Digital ultrasound is also available, allowing us to thoroughly evaluate your horse’s soft tissues and track their healing progress when injured.
  • Therapies: We offer both traditional and regenerative therapies ranging from shock wave therapy, joint injection therapy, neck injections, I-RAP therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and K-Laser therapy.

Emergency Services:

  • We have a veterinarian on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know emergencies can be scary, and you need a fast response.
  • We work closely with referral centers in the area to ensure your horse has the best options available.
  • Emergencies include colic, fevers, non-weight bearing lameness, lacerations, dystocias (difficult birth), acute respiratory distress, allergic reactions, and sudden neurologic disease.

Reproductive Services:

  • If you are looking to breed your mare, we offer full reproductive examinations to help you plan for your mare’s pregnancy. We service your mare throughout her entire pregnancy to give her the best possible chance for a live, healthy foal.
  • We use digital ultrasonography to help determine your mare’s cycle and the best time to breed.
  • We offer artificial insemination of mares with fresh chilled semen from the stallion of your choosing.
  • If your mare is having difficulty conceiving, or if your mare needs further diagnostics performed to evaluate her reproductive health, we offer uterine cultures and biopsies.
  • Once your mare has been bred, we perform pregnancy diagnosis starting at 14 days post breeding. This helps us confirm a successful breeding and screen for twins.
  • In addition to breeding your mare, we also offer embryo transfer if you wish to choose a recipient mare to carry your foal to term.

Pre-Purchase Examinations:

  • When considering the purchase of a new horse, it is important to involve your veterinarian in the process. This will help determine if you are buying a healthy horse with the appropriate temperament and ability for your equestrian goals.
  • A pre-purchase exam involves a thorough evaluation of the horse’s body systems and anatomy, including a full physical exam, an ophthalmic (eye) exam, musculoskeletal exam, integument (skin) exam, conformational exam, dental check (full speculum exams available on request), and gait analysis.
  • Further imaging modalities are available on request from buyer and recommendations from the veterinarian. These include digital radiography, endoscopy, gastroscopy, and ultrasound. Any additional imaging or diagnostic modalities are performed at an additional cost.
  • Blood tests, including CBC/chemistry panel, Coggins test, and toxicology testing are also available on request for an additional charge.

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