Lemont Area Farriers

We’ve compiled a list of farriers in our area. Please note: these are not recommendations or referrals, merely a directory for you.

Stefan Sebastiani 262-725-2168
Lake Geneva, WI
Travels all around Northern/Central IL
Open to all breeds and disciplines. Saddlebreds and Arabians
-Specialist in founder, laminitis, navicular, corrective, and therapeutic shoeing

Joe Proby 708-673-9692
Orland Park, IL
50-100 mile service area
Therapeutic, Hunter/Jumper, Saddlebreds. No Drafts
Will travel for one horse, prefers multiple

Ken Taube 815-693-5915
Kankakee, IL
Hour and a half/50+ mile radius
No drafts or Paso’s
Will travel for one horse

Dan Jaudes 630-999-6520
Naperville, IL
50-mile service area
All breeds and disciplines. Will travel for one horse

Abby Woodson 815-254-6994
Marengo, IL
80-mile service area
Prefers correction work, Western/Reining, Hunter/Jumpers
Travels for one horse in emergencies, prefers 1+

Randy Rapier 847-343-8340
St. Charles/Wayne/Elgin IL
Open to ER’s. Prefers to service close to Elgin. Will travel for 1 horse
No Saddlebreds. Prefers Hunter/Jumpers, Dressage, and Western

Artie Russell 815-575-1314
Marengo, IL
25-50-mile service area
No Drafts. Hunter/Jumper and Western
Prefers 1+ horses

Ron Doolin 815-668-5056
Darien, IL
50 mile service area
No Saddlebreds. All other breeds
Will come out for one horse depends on needs and/or ER base. Prefers 1+

Chuck Milburn 309-830-5382
Peoria, IL
Service area all over IL
Natural barefoot. Shoes when necessary. Laminitis and navicular. Open to Emergencies
All breeds and disciplines. Will come out for one horse

Ida Hammer 309-264-7837
Services all over IL
Barefoot Specialist and instructor. Laminitis, Navicular, and any special cases.
Glue on, formahoof, and easy care.
All breeds/disciplines
Willing to travel for one horse

Jim Halvorson 708-673-9692
Crete, IL
Service area 75 miles
No Saddlebreds. Open to all breeds/disciplines

Martin Flores 815-585-5703
1 hour of Joilet
No drafts.