Joint Injections for Horses in Lemont, IL

Horses, especially those used for work purposes, often have degenerative joint issues like osteoarthritis. That can lead to ongoing problems that cause lameness and severely impact your horse’s quality of life. If you’re looking for ways to improve your horse’s mobility and make them more comfortable, joint injections for horses might be an option.

How Do I Know If My Horse Needs Joint Injections?

Our vets would first perform a lameness exam before deciding whether a horse injection was an appropriate treatment. A lameness exam typically includes:

  • Walking and trotting the horse in hand
  • Performing flexions,
  • Watching under saddle
  • Blocking

Joint Injections for Horses in Lemont, IL

In some instances, the vet may decide to perform additional x-rays to assess damage to the horse’s joint better.

Based on the vet’s evaluation, they might decide to go ahead and administer a joint injection while on the farm, like a corticosteroid. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory medication that makes it easier for the horse to get around without pain. The vet may also decide to administer Hyaluronic acid to encourage healing.

Many horses get joint injections to provide relief for arthritic conditions or to help with inflammation. They’re also beneficial in treating acute injuries in horses. There are several horse injections that vets can use to help with degenerative joint issues.


Alpha2EQ is a product extracted from a horse’s blood processed to produce Alpha2 Macroglobulin. This molecule is the horse’s natural defense against joint pain, inflammation, and cartilage breakdown. Alpha2EQ can be used in all joints to reduce inflammation and slow the progression of osteoarthritis. It does not have a competition withdrawal time. Results can be seen in as little as seven days.


Pro-Stride is another medical product produced using the patient’s blood. It can be processed stall-side in as little as 20 minutes. It provides growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines to reduce pain and inflammation. It requires a smaller volume than IRAP and PRP.


Noltrex is a synthetic polyacrylamide gel used to lubricate joints affected by arthritis. It works as a cushion to provide support for the joint as well as slow the progression of osteoarthritis.

How Do Joint Injections Benefit Horses?

It takes more than joint injections for horses alone to address their medical issues. They’re a practical addition to an overall joint support plan. If your horse has pre-existing joint problems, our vet might recommend following a multifaceted treatment plan that includes the use of joint injections.

Joint Injections in Lemont, IL

There’s a lot that goes into the care and maintenance of horses. Feel free to contact Premier Equine at 888-860-0244 if you have more questions about any of your horse’s health issues.

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Joint Injections for Horses in Lemont, IL